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Enhancing the personal experience of living space and sustainability are at the heart of designing and creating these lamps.

Transforming a natural element such as the paper into lamps with endless possibilities of shape and shades assures a harmonious living space experience and sustainable lifestyle.

The lamps are produced using high precision folding techniques inspired and derived from the art of Japanese Origami. This results not only in robust shapes, but also the diffusion and filtering of cold light, thereby, bringing new shades and warmth of the sun into your living space.

Frami atelier produces high quality lamps with the intrinsic trait of metamorphosis - from greek meta-, "after" and morphe, "form".


The metamorphic trait of the lamps stands on the shoulders of the superior quality of Japanese paper and the high precision manual folding technique, in combination, yielding highly durable lamps with compact form factor for efficient packaging and installation.


Frami atelier is a design practice based in London, run by Italian architect and designer Francesca Schiavello. She works on commissioned and private projects.

© Pics by Dhananjeya Kumaar 

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